Apple-related Developer Events in San Diego

[Updated March 20, 2012]  This is a constantly updated list of the Apple-related developer events in San Diego.  Bookmark this page and return here for the latest info.

This calendar lists the events, and additional event details follow below it.

Regular Events

The San Diego iOS Developers meetup is held on the second Thursday of each month alternating between a northerly and southerly location.  You should join their San Diego iPhone Developers Google group mailing list to keep up to date and to find out where the northerly and southerly locations are.  The group has gotten bigger and they are always searching for bigger accomodations.

You should also follow @SanDiegoiOS to keep in touch.

The long-time and traditional Tuesday night NSCoder Night is held each Tuesday at 7pm (see calendar above).  Join the regular gang Marc, Guy, Doug, Roeloff and others.  Everyone’s really friendly so don’t hesitate to come by and make some friends.  Bring your laptop and pull up a chair and hang out with us and work on your code, talk or whatever you want.

Another weekly get-together similar to NSCoder Night is Xcoder Night at Art Produce in North Park and is held every Wednesday from 6 to 9 pm.  I, Mark Hernandez, was hosting this.  The turnout was low and I learned a lot.  This meeup is now suspended.  However…

What’s happening instead is that I’m now starting a business to build and promote MiR, my Mac OS app that significantly accelerates app development by removing incredible amounts of unnecessary complexity using several methods I’ve both developed and invented.  It brings the rest of the development experience (DX) outside of Apple’s purview into the 21st century and works as a matching sidekick to Xcode.  It’s appeals to both developers and those who want to have an app developed for them. The reason I’m mentioning this is because part of the business includes and actual Apple app development resource center (not affiliated with Apple) with a bunch of things never seen before that will certainly attract the crowds that “coders nights” cannot.  So stay tuned, wish me luck, and if you’re a developer skilled in developing 3D software using Objective-C and Cocoa, please get in touch with me using the link above.

The SDiOS group meets on the fourth Monday of every month at the UCSD Extension location in University City.  There is usually a presentation and you should visit their website at for more details.  This is a great group that’s expanding rapidly and it’s a great place to hobnob with other developers.

Recent Events

The San Diego iOS Developers meetup is held on the second Thursday of each month alternating between a northerly and southerly location. The last get-together was on Thursday December 8th at 7pm hosted by Josh Jones (standing in for the usual host Noel Llopis) at the Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery in La Jolla near the VA Hospital (UCSD).

The San Diego iPhone / Blackberry / Android Mobile Developers group had an informal meetup on Friday December 2nd at 10 AM in the morning at Bad Ass Coffee in Rancho Penasquitos which is conveniently located off I-15. The details are here. About 16 people attended.

SkillMasters had a meetup on Customizing the iOS Navigation Bar on Wednesday, November 16th at 7pm. The class was $5 and held at 3rd Space. I’ve attended Julian’s classes before and he’s a great instructor.

The San Diego iOS Developers monthly meetup is held on the second Thursday alternating between a northerly and southerly location each month.  The November meetup was on Thursday November 10th at 7pm hosted by Noel Llopsis at O’Sullivan’s Irish Pub in Carlsbad.

Also, the San Diego iPhone/Blackberry/Android Mobile Developers had an informal meetup on Thursday October 13th from 3-6pm at 3rd Space in University Heights.

About Developer Get-togethers

NSCoder Nights and the other similar get-togethers are weekly and monthly events for those who are writing native apps for either Mac OS or iOS who want to meet and hang out with other developers to get their questions answered, offer help to others, or both. I’m pretty expert with all the development resources available (which is what my own app is all about) and I’ve come to realize that face time with other developers is one essential resource that’s missing and is often critical to success. This is especially true if you’re an indie developer, and even more so if you’re working solo like me.  These events are meant for getting some developer buddies in orbit around you and helping you move forward!

These get-togethers are different than CocoaHeads events, which usually have a speaker and topic and serve a different purpose, of course. You can come here to find out if one is coming up as well.

Nationwide Developer Events

I also maintain the page Apple-related Developer Conferences and Training which lists all developer events outside of San Diego.

Please Keep In Touch

If you’re interested and have any questions you can send me a secure private message using the Contact Me button in the menu bar above.

If you know of any other local events and development resources please let me know and I’ll make sure they get listed on this page. Thanks.


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