iPhone Intro Keynote is Amazingly Insightful into Apple’s Design Ethic

Take a few minutes and watch at least the first segment of Apple’s 2007 introduction of the iPhone.  Over and over you’ll see insights into how Apple designs things.  It’s quite revealing in retrospect.  The incredible effort they put into coming up with a foundation that will last at least a decade and disrupt an entire industry is evident, and a great lesson.

To pick just one moment (at 9:45), here’s the statement Steve Jobs makes about design…

“One of the pioneers of our industry, Alan Kay, has had a lot of great quotes over the years. I ran across one of them recently that explains how we look at this; explains why we go about doing things the way we do. We love software. And here’s the quote:

“People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.” – Alan Kay

Alan said this 30 years ago, and this is how we feel about it. So we’re bringing breakthrough software to a mobile device for the first time. It’s 5 years ahead of anything on any other phone.”

Now think about Google’s acquisition of Motorola four and a half years since.  At about the 5-year mark we may see Google’s marriage of their own software and hardware.



Note: While Windows Phone 7 licensing can insist on high quality hardware to run it, Apple’s custom A4/A5 dual-core/graphics processor can be deeply optimized with the software, in addition to affording significantly greater miniaturization.



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